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With global population on the rise, an increasing focus rests on agriculture, livestock, water and sustainable energy generation.

Biogas from anaerobic digestion (AD) will lead a key role in the responsible management of the world’s limited resources. assists AD-plants in the implementation of a sustainable desulfurisation process, minimising their environmental footprint.

EGx by

High purity tailor-made additives, which optimise bioreactor environments.

  • Remove Hydrogen Sulfides
  • Increase Biogas and Methane Yields
  • Reduce Odor Formation
  • Address Struvite Formation
  • Adhere to National Fertiliser Regulations

EGx by incorporates the latest research in the field, with the focus to substrate-independently raise the biogas volume and its methane concentration.

Support for beneficial bacteria

  • Biogas production
    In biogas plants, methanogens decompose organic substances in the absence of oxygen. The resultant biogas contains levels of hydrogen sulfides, requiring removal prior downstream processing.

  • H₂S removal
    Plant operators apply one of three methods, each with their associated costs and benefits.
    For more details see the comparison table below.

Logistics and Financing

Delivered in powder form, in 25, 500 or 1000 kg bags, or as per individual requirements.
Depending on order volume, consignment stocks at customers’ premises allow easy draw-down, reduce delivery frequencies, eliminate financing and address just-in-time requirements.

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